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Exekution and Technology

Traditional carpentry
Accuracy and precision is called for when sawing, planing, milling, drilling, woodturning and of course varnishing. Additionally, we offer our classical joints: pin- or finger joints, as well as round parts with dowels. We use whatever material is called for by the product. For instance, we developed extensive expertise in the processing of thermo- and bamboo wood along with broad knowledge of solid wood and panel materials.
CNC and Composite Technology
Attention to detail: for us this includes the use of modern technology. In almost all projects, the CNC machine is used along with machinery for cutting and edge gluing. The glue spreader has almost become obsolete. We use a hot melt system to perform surface bonding. Not only is it faster and produces more exclusive surfaces, but is more flexible to use. There is hardly a material it cannot handle, whether metallic, mineral or wooden. It glues together all that is needed, for dimensions of 1,300 x 4,500 and up to 2,000 m² per shift. We also process materials designed to fire safety and protection codes for use at sea (IMO).
Network of trades
Our partners are just as versatile as the project business itself. Depending on the requirements, we draw on specialist businesses in the areas of upholstery, metal processing, electrical, electronics and wood turning. When combined competently, the expertise in each respective field ensure that complex products will be completed at the highest level of perfection.


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